class or grass

anna. nineteen. 365 nights of writing words of nonsense

attractive people have so much power

when people say the old me, they mean the young me

i love you, assiduously

Going to be brave and start posting old drafts I didn’t think were good enough for publishing

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I believe that people think differently while on different substances
I also believe that people think they sound more intelligent but actually aren’t making sense

However, last night I had a thought:
Girls enjoying getting ready to go out sometimes more than actually going out. The process of deciding what to wear, finding the perfect shoes and getting creative with hairstyles
Boys stand at the door saying “are you done yet?” “can we go now?”
The girls are enjoying themselves

Boys enjoying going out a lot more than getting ready. The clubs, parties, dancing, drinking and friends. The adventures the night brings. After about 3am, the girl might begin asking “when are we going?” “we’ve been here for hours?” et cetera (all varies depending on the girl, the guy, their relationship, and how the evening is panning out)
But the boys are enjoying themselves

Point is - appreciate what others enjoy and let them enjoy it

This is the story of a girl
Who eats, drinks and behaves in the healthiest manner
Who is sent to hospital, has faulty organs and the weakest fragile body

Life isn’t fair
But who ever told you otherwise

the sweetest person i know
is also the meanest
and i don’t know how
but that makes sense

i dont exercise to be thin
i exercise because i eat a lot
and don’t want to be fat

sorry to hear that your night isn’t as good
as you’d hoped for
but you had a lovely morning
and we can’t have everything

I’m a balloon
I blew myself up so much like a big balloon, and I’m so damn proud of every breath I took to get to this.
Then you come along
and you pierce me.
I feel myself getting smaller, I feel you sucking the air out of my lungs, I feel all my hard work disintegrating
I try to cover the patches, I try to mend your wrongdoings,
it makes me angry

but maybe
you don’t know you have sharp claws

and maybe
you just want to touch
meaning well, i’m still deflated

Bar men are like nurses in a mental hospital
- My hallucinating man

of course when you get out of high school you’re not ready for the real world. maybe if they taught you taxes, what PAYG stands for, how superannuation works, what the different government parties are and what they’re all about, how to write a standout resume, how a cheque account is different, how to get/stay motivated, and how to lease a house. i love learning algebra and maths topics that you probably think you’ll never need, because it exercises your brain. but i don’t need to read passages from the bible that have no use in this day and age and colour in pictures of pasta to get through life

of course there’s some thing to do
there’s always so much to be done
people dont drive for the hell of it
okay, some people do
but think of how many cars are on the road
they’re there to get to or from somewhere
to do something